Bee keeping take 2

Last year we were given a honey bee hive. The queen flew the coup with most the hive and didn’t leave a new queen to take her place.

We were very sad when the hive then died off. Last week a new hive was brought by our sweet friend to house in our back yard. He is very knowledgeable and very good with bees and people as well as educating people about the importance of honey bees for our environment.

We have named this years hive Queen E and her attendants.

As you can see they are loving the flowers in bloom here in Manchester, PA.

Stay tuned to RickabaughReviews for updates on the Queen E hive😊

Herbal Tea Struggle

It can be a struggle to find consumables that I do not have an adverse reaction to, because of my allergies, which is a lot. It is very difficult to find in my busy life, time to read every single label, every time I go grocery shopping. If a product changes its ingredients it is not responsible to give me a call and say “Hey, we changed our ingredients so you can’t have this anymore.”

One of my favorite beverages is hot tea. Hot tea on a hot day, hot tea on a cold day. Hot tea in the morning and hot tea in the evening. Love it!! There are less and less I find that I should be purchasing because they can and do cause allergic reactions.

My fix to this is to grow my own ingredients! I sure do love mint. Calming, soothing, refreshing, relaxing mint. Especially with upset tummies. Lavender, chamomile and Echinacea have also been in my top picks for their properties. Lavender helps calm and relax as well as lull one off to sleep. Chamomile helps reduce anxiety as well as improve sleep. Echinacea is an immune booster for your body. I add honey to help reduce my allergies and it does the job.  I specifically choose these ingredients because they can be grown in my back yard, and are perennials for my growing zone.

How I make my home made tea:

I wash off my 4 plant ingredients-Put 4 plants into small pot with water on stove and let simmer for 10 minutes.  I put the used plants into the compost bin and then pour the tea water into my tea pot and then am able to easily pour into tea cups to sweeten with honey and enjoy.

Seed Starting is Hard

I am pretty average when it comes to keeping house plants alive.  A few die and most survive.  I greatly enjoy the over all look that it gives my home, as does my husband. I have worked hard at finding plants that help clean the air in our home without flowering aspects with pollen due to my allergies and to help us sleep better at night. My husband and I have had a smaller vegetable garden for eight years and this past summer moved in order to have more garden and running space for our Shepherd mix dog.  It is working out great for the dog. We on the other hand are having much more trouble with the garden. The soil here is completely different, mostly clay and with not being in the city with a privacy fence, we are fattening up the wildlife. I recently posted starting my seeds in small windowsill green houses. I have found we keep our house too chilly in the winter and none of the windows that are available to start seeds in get near enough light or heat.  So, if you first do not succeed, try, try again.

We just happen to be looking for different light bulbs when I came across a light bulb type that is specifically made to help your seeds start growing indoors. The aspects that we greatly like are that we could put it in a regular desk lamp. It is LED, so it is energy efficient. It also gives off a very low amount of heat which greatly helps the seeds in our chilly home.  We keep the house at about 67 degrees in the winter, we don’t mind wearing sweatshirts. We asked an employee if she knew of anyone who has tried this light bulb.  She herself uses it in her home and gave it great reviews.  We decided to give it a try. For just over $13 with a 22 year life if it works, it will be a game changer.  We liked it so much we now have two!

I was using dirt from the back yard and baking it to kill mold and bugs but it just wasn’t working and it was frustrating me. We were visiting family and my cousin said they sell dirt at the store.  My frustration came with I just purchased an acre of dirt, I don’t want to buy more dirt. Well I thought about that for a good week and we bought a bag of indoor potting soil.

My reasoning for buying potting soil is this: our dirt outside is mostly clay- not awesome for veggie gardens. The way to change your soil is you have to add good soil to the bad soil. Yes I compost, and it was the perfect amount for the old garden. Not enough for the new garden, so If I start the seeds indoors in good soil, transplant time they go outside with their potting soil, they have a good start for the growing season. Also I am slowly, very slowly adding good nutrient rich soil to my clay veggie garden.

I always have spare flower pots somewhere in the house, shed, or garage. And our Aunt and Uncle when they moved south left us a bunch of small decorative flower pots behind. So with seeds and spare flower pots, new dirt and light I got busy planting and documenting in my garden journal. I started new seeds on January 27th. our success rate in sprouted seeds so far is anywhere from 95% to 100%. Every single lettuce seed I planted sprouted. We started with Lettuce, Beets, Cactus, Coleus, Yellow Bell Pepper and Marigold seeds. Lettuce, Beets and Pepper seeds have sprouted. We have been so happy with our second try results we went out and got more soil and more seeds and the second grow bulb.

The six new pots that we planted yesterday under the new bulb contain Carrots, more beets, more lettuce, more coleus, green onions, and spinach. The coleus that we are planting are not a veggie but a flower. My husband liked how beautiful the two that we had in the backyard last summer that we are giving them a try from seed to transplant in the spring. $1.78 for over 50 plants is a much happier price then for one plant. For the cheaper price I have zero problems putting in a little effort.

The lettuce packet has around 200 or more seeds and it suggests that if growing in containers to start new plants about every 4 weeks in order to have a continuous harvest. $1.96 for fresh lettuce for an entire year compared to $1.96 every four days at the grocery store. I am really saving some money!

My husband and I are also super excited to be able to have a year round supply of beautiful leaves from all sorts of plants in order to continue with my hobby of concrete leaf casting.

LED grow light-RickabaughReviews greatly approves!


Work from home scams

I would love to be able to work from home considering all of my allergies. I have been looking for a work from home position for over 4 years.

The first scam I was taken on was a doosie.  Weston Distance Learning-Medical Billing and Coding. NO one! No one is hiring for someone that pays $5,000.00 to take this course. The only way to get into this position is to take more courses costing thousands of dollars more in the specific field. Take a look at your area. See what they are hiring for. I did a quick search before I enrolled. There are a bunch of practices hiring. None from home and none without certification in the specific field and 5 years experience. If no one is hiring how is anyone supposed to get experience? They suggested to me that I volunteer in a office for 5 years to get experience.  Volunteering doesn’t pay a single bill.

Scam number two- Idictate and Quicktate. Only cost me $20 for a supposed background check and hours and hours of my time. I put in two work order requests for payment for services rendered. They have yet to reply to my inquires as well as pay me for work done a full month and a half ago.

And ironically the same day I confirm my information my place of employment and random distant family members start receiving phone calls all on the same day claiming that they need to pay this business money on my behalf, they immediately hung up on me at work because it was my identity that they was being stolen and I knew that they didn’t need money.

A huge word of caution when looking into companies that are hiring work from home positions make sure you read all of the fine print. There are credit card companies that state that they are entitled to all of your personal information and that they will sell this information.

No Thanks! RickabaughReviews comletely disapproves!

Be careful with your personal information when using electronics 🙂

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

I remember these words that public school worked very hard to instill in us. Throughout my adult life I have been very concerned with recycling when and wherever I can.  With my crafting projects I find ways in which I can use left overs from one project for another two or three projects.  I have more recently in the last few years have been working very hard on donating items in order to live a little bit less cluttered life. But this most recent craft project I am getting reuse some things I have thought about donating and recycling.

We light around one or two candles a day.  We only buy candles when they are on sale. It really helps take the slight chill out of the rooms in the winter. I have been trying to use less plug in night lights around the house, so in the evenings the candles give a nice cozy glow. I clean a lot but dogs will always smell, scented candles help that smell. This is the end result of a burned candle


I have been making back up candles with the little wax that is left over. I melt the remaining on a jar warmer. Below is a picture of mine, it plugs in. When we have guests over I put this on the kitchen counter to give a nice scent with the fire hazard.


I am a bit of a cheater when it comes to the wicks when making new candles.  I purchased a box of Hanukkah candles many years ago because I thought they were so pretty and never burned them.  They sure have come in handy.  I put one or two into the empty jar and as I melt wax from other candles I pour it into the jar with the old thin candles.  I have a partially started new candle in the candle cabinet at all times.  The new candles I am making with left over wax are not the most pretty candles in the world but they work and have saved us money.


Now what to do with all the old empty jars? Well for a while I was recycling them, Then I saw an adorable post on Pinterest and thought they might be cute for my crafts.

First step is getting all the residual wax out of the jars.  My sister in law cleans out her jars with very hot water. I tried it.  I am too impatient for this process to work for me.  I happen to be cooking the one evening and set the empty waxy candle on the stove top next to the burner.  Not touching of course, nobody needs exploding glass.  What do you know it heated up the wax super easy, I just wiped it out with a paper towel. Jar nearly clean.  I hit it with some Windex.


Perfectly clean now! ( cleaning tip-Windex is amazing on getting sticky, dusty grease off of the fan blades and light fixtures and stove hoods in the kitchen.)

I used to watch little kids in my home and I had a small indoor sandbox for the kids to play with when it was rainy outside.  I had beads, rocks, small sea shells and of course my favorite, small plastic dinosaurs to play with.  I also had a small set of plastic farm animals.  I have been thinking for the last year or so what to do with this and I haven’t had the heart to donate these toys.


The dinosaurs and farm animals are perfect cute toppers for my jars. So we have clean jars and washed off my sandy dinosaurs.  Got the craft glue and put a little on their feet and sometimes tails. Let them sit a bit on the lids to dry.


They are totally adorable.  I thought about spray painting the whole lids and dinosaurs all one color such as black but the husband said it will take away too much from their design and fun.  So this is how they will stay.


Filled with odds and ends will help organize my craft shelves and make it unique to my taste as well as reducing waste and reusing what I have.

RickabaughReviews greatly approves of this super fun crafty, craft organizing project!



Old Sign-New Life

The whole idea of this blog is about trying new things. In this post I get to try my hand at using a Dremel. A coworker asked if I could help bring an old sign that was on her In-laws mailbox for many years, back to life.  It has their family name etched into it but it is bearly readable. When I first saw the sign I was very unsure of how I would tackle this project.  I try very hard to not let my doubts get to me.  So after studying it for a few minutes, I said something along the lines of my game plan. This was the shape of the board when I took it home to refinish.


I knew I had my work cut out for me when I first touched it and it was a bit soft because it was so soaked through from rain.

Step one: Bring in the board, mold and all and let it dry out.

Step two: Hand sanding.  It has a large crack down the board and I was thinking too much vibration from the palm sander might break it right in half.



I have a few stages of hand sanding. It looks better and better each time. I only do about 5 to 10 minutes of sanding per day so as not to wear out my hands or arms.   Most of the top layer was mold that had grown on the surface of the board.

Due to the great amount of mold I had no idea about the deer silhouette  after the name, at first. I am so glad I did find it and was able to save it.  It adds so much to the sign.

I found that I needed to refresh the slight engraving on the board.  I checked out my husbands tools. He is always so willing to share with me and help me with almost anything that I try.

I found a sharp pointy tool and slightly pushed deepening the outlines of the letters and the deer silhouette in order to continue to sand down to good solid board.


It worked very well and helped me so much when I was able to try the Dremel for the first time. After it was mold and mildew free from sanding and mostly smooth we took the board outside to Dremel.


This was the start! The husband showing me how to use the Dremel. And this was after all the Dremeling was complete.


Next was painting! I used Black paint with a touch of pearly white which gave it a beautiful graphite look.


I totally love this raw soft color, but my coworker was not sure if they were going to put the sign outside or inside. So I needed to have a sealer. Polyurethane is my favorite, it brings out the rich natural colors.

Putting on the polyurethane is not too hard. I do suggest using disposable paint brushes with the polyurethane, it is so much easier.


And there you have it! Far better than I ever imagined it would turn out. My husband and I want to make one for ourselves already.


All the coworkers and the RickabaughsReviews Approve! Hope you liked it too!




My January garden prep!

Fall fun is over. Winter is here. Garden with me while the snow is on the ground.

I have to be honest-I never stop gardening or thinking and researching how to better my garden for the upcoming season. I garden all winter long.  I have already started.  I looked up how to bake my dirt.  I am so frugal, I don’t spend a penny if I can do it myself.  So I got dirt out of the garden box put it in a (now designated) foil pan and popped it in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. I have read that it is really stinky.  Well I lit 2 candles in the kitchen and I didn’t open the oven door until the timer went off. Then it was a tad stinky until it cooled. Why bake the dirt?


Well it kills off fungus and bugs-good or bad.  When I was scooping it into my small seed starting greenhouses I saw steaming bits of worms. It was so gross and I was super happy my plants were going to love it. I want germ free dirt for my seeds to start them in.

So I put in my starter green house boxes:


used coffee grounds. Freshly used from this mornings coffee pot.


baked dirt,


ashes straight from the fireplace, and a bit of water to moisten it all up well.

Then I got out my big box of seeds which includes my gardening book as well as my gathering apron my beautiful sister-in-law made for me.  In the move I some how misplaced the bottoms to my large greenhouse starters.  But I did find 4 of my small greenhouse starters. They will do for now. Wiped out the lids and got out the label maker.


I decided quickly on marigolds and bell peppers.  The two things I have always planted in the early spring by seed like nearly everything else and they are only just ready by October.  We really enjoy bell peppers and would eat them every week and all year long if they were not so expensive.  When ever I purchase a pepper in the grocery store I 9 times out of 10 “harvest the seeds” when I cut them up.  This makes so many less seeds I am purchasing come growing season.  In October of this year I also harvested my orange marigolds that grew from the previous years seeds. I had about a dozen plants come up from all the seeds I put down after all 200 sugar snap peas were half grown and eaten down to the dirt in one day by bunnies. I pulled and laid out to dry about 100 flower tops. In full bloom petals and all. I only planted orange marigolds last year.  I need a bunch more marigolds this year because BUNNIES. And also chipmunks were scaling the fencing and eating my beets right down to the dirt. Marigolds are very pretty to the human eye, attract bees to pollinate your garden and deter bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks and deer from eating in your garden. Yes I want every fourth plant to be a marigold.  Also not one but two of our friends have moved to the area which means I am working on getting marigolds started for three gardens not just one. In my seed stash I had left over yellow marigold seeds from a few years back.  So as Sherlock would say-the game is a foot! I have one container of yellow marigold seeds and one container of orange marigold seeds planted.  I also started one container of green bell peppers and one container of red bell pepper seeds.  We shall see which sprouts first! We are very competitive in the Rickabaugh home.


So that is just a bit of my summer garden-winter prep.   And since the snow is now on the ground it is indoor gardening from here until spring. If your your winter gardening is just watering the house plants.  I do that too and RickabaughReviews approve.