Winter Prep!

In our new home we have a wood burning fire place. I am so excited about having fires in the fireplace to heat our home. Its so cozy feeling.  We have a few dead trees that have already been taken down on the property. And there are several more that need to come down. Nearly free firewood! We also have here and there through out the woods, ready to go firewood stacks. It is not a whole lot of wood grand scheme speaking to completely heat the home all winter but it definitely will help us get a good feel about how much wood we might go through in a winter.


This is our very adorable grape pergola. It has pavers under it as well. The pergola is directly opposite the back of the home and we have discussed how in the slippery snow we do not want to be fetching wood on the hillside. We have decided this is where we will stock up on wood all summer long for our cozy warm winters inside.

To the right of the pergola I have cleared out an area to place down some pallets to then stack the wood. Stacking wood directly on the ground encourages the wood to rot at a much more rapid rate as well as easy access for animals to make their homes.


Pallet space cleared out! Now to drag the pallets that are in the woods up here and through the lilies to their new home to hold wood!


Pallet number one is in place. I write myself a to do list every day and each day I write-move two logs. It is an attainable goal each day, keep your goals short and simple and organized so that the overall goals work well. I gather up sticks from the yard every time the wind blows or it rains. My stacks are looking small but I only started three months ago and I work 2 jobs outside the home, so they are looking great! Today I brought three branches over to trim to fire place size pieces.


It may not seem like much to some but everyone has to start somewhere and to me it feels perfect!


My kindling stacking is started on the pavers to the left of the logs. The newspaper we have in the garage away from rain and bugs.

RickabaughReviews frugal tip: just moved-saved ALL the paper we wrapped our breakables in, immediately started a box of fireplace/firepit paper. I carefully flattened out every single sheet in order to save space.

8/6/18 Update: today for winter prep I brought up one, yes just one large log to my new wood stacking location. But don’t be too disappointed I also picked up a bunch of sticks from the yard and added them to the kindling pile.  I choose to work on most my projects a little bit every day, I don’t overwhelm myself. I keep trying and keep working and I have found I never really disappoint myself. The best part is my husband is always very impressed and very encouraging!




Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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