Home made butter

I would like to try to reduce the amount of sugars and chemicals that my family consumes. I have heard of a bunch of people making their own butter to reduce preservatives. This past week I had purchased a small container of heavy cream and we purchased butter just in case I messed it up.  I looked up online how to do it.

So easy!


I got myself a canning jar with a lid and poured in half the container of the heavy cream. Screwed on the lid tight. And literally shook the jar back and forth for 15-20 minutes while updating my gardening blog information.  I had read that you will want to drain off the buttermilk at the top when 20 minutes is up. I used heavy cream and I didnt get buttermilk at the top. I added nothing to my butter, it is so light and fluffy.0A864485-EA4A-4D1C-9025-3F4111F33552

Butter in a jar! Yum!!

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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