Seed Starting is Hard

I am pretty average when it comes to keeping house plants alive.  A few die and most survive.  I greatly enjoy the over all look that it gives my home, as does my husband. I have worked hard at finding plants that help clean the air in our home without flowering aspects with pollen due to my allergies and to help us sleep better at night. My husband and I have had a smaller vegetable garden for eight years and this past summer moved in order to have more garden and running space for our Shepherd mix dog.  It is working out great for the dog. We on the other hand are having much more trouble with the garden. The soil here is completely different, mostly clay and with not being in the city with a privacy fence, we are fattening up the wildlife. I recently posted starting my seeds in small windowsill green houses. I have found we keep our house too chilly in the winter and none of the windows that are available to start seeds in get near enough light or heat.  So, if you first do not succeed, try, try again.

We just happen to be looking for different light bulbs when I came across a light bulb type that is specifically made to help your seeds start growing indoors. The aspects that we greatly like are that we could put it in a regular desk lamp. It is LED, so it is energy efficient. It also gives off a very low amount of heat which greatly helps the seeds in our chilly home.  We keep the house at about 67 degrees in the winter, we don’t mind wearing sweatshirts. We asked an employee if she knew of anyone who has tried this light bulb.  She herself uses it in her home and gave it great reviews.  We decided to give it a try. For just over $13 with a 22 year life if it works, it will be a game changer.  We liked it so much we now have two!

I was using dirt from the back yard and baking it to kill mold and bugs but it just wasn’t working and it was frustrating me. We were visiting family and my cousin said they sell dirt at the store.  My frustration came with I just purchased an acre of dirt, I don’t want to buy more dirt. Well I thought about that for a good week and we bought a bag of indoor potting soil.

My reasoning for buying potting soil is this: our dirt outside is mostly clay- not awesome for veggie gardens. The way to change your soil is you have to add good soil to the bad soil. Yes I compost, and it was the perfect amount for the old garden. Not enough for the new garden, so If I start the seeds indoors in good soil, transplant time they go outside with their potting soil, they have a good start for the growing season. Also I am slowly, very slowly adding good nutrient rich soil to my clay veggie garden.

I always have spare flower pots somewhere in the house, shed, or garage. And our Aunt and Uncle when they moved south left us a bunch of small decorative flower pots behind. So with seeds and spare flower pots, new dirt and light I got busy planting and documenting in my garden journal. I started new seeds on January 27th. our success rate in sprouted seeds so far is anywhere from 95% to 100%. Every single lettuce seed I planted sprouted. We started with Lettuce, Beets, Cactus, Coleus, Yellow Bell Pepper and Marigold seeds. Lettuce, Beets and Pepper seeds have sprouted. We have been so happy with our second try results we went out and got more soil and more seeds and the second grow bulb.

The six new pots that we planted yesterday under the new bulb contain Carrots, more beets, more lettuce, more coleus, green onions, and spinach. The coleus that we are planting are not a veggie but a flower. My husband liked how beautiful the two that we had in the backyard last summer that we are giving them a try from seed to transplant in the spring. $1.78 for over 50 plants is a much happier price then for one plant. For the cheaper price I have zero problems putting in a little effort.

The lettuce packet has around 200 or more seeds and it suggests that if growing in containers to start new plants about every 4 weeks in order to have a continuous harvest. $1.96 for fresh lettuce for an entire year compared to $1.96 every four days at the grocery store. I am really saving some money!

My husband and I are also super excited to be able to have a year round supply of beautiful leaves from all sorts of plants in order to continue with my hobby of concrete leaf casting.

LED grow light-RickabaughReviews greatly approves!


Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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