Bathroom Cleaning Trick

Having multiple jobs can be tricky for the normal cleaning of the household. Luckily my husband and I work together on the day to day maintenance. I have learned that using towels is less wasteful and much easier on the budget than paper towels. I found when tracking my budget closely I was spending close to eighty dollars a year on paper towels. I invested twenty dollars into some inexpensive hand and dish towels and I have paper towels for emergencies. In the last two years I have saved $140, just in paper towels.

Friends and family comment about how clean and tidy our home is. Well first, everyone in the household is on board with a clean and tidy home. Second we both work very hard in multiple jobs and we don’t like to waste our time or money to have nice things so we work hard to keep them nice.

The key is having a daily routine which includes cleaning every day. I use the hand towels in each bathroom every day to wipe down the sink, the tops of the toilets and the floor. Every day, every bathroom. That hand towel then gets put into the laundry and is replaced. There is a stack of hand towels under the sinks. It is a five minute routine that keeps my bathrooms in shape for any unplanned company. This every day trick doesn’t replace my weekend deep clean, but it makes it much more manageable with my busy schedule.

The bonus besides saving money and time in my cleaning is that my husband and I have felt that we don’t get sick as often. The common cold rarely hits our house and when it does we have found it doesn’t stick around.

I love my simple little cleaning hacks. RickabaughReviews approves.

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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