Fruit trees

I have had many struggles with wanting to have fruit trees in order to grow my own food and wanting to not pay an arm and a leg for them.  I have tried to grow trees from seeds from the fruit that we eat.  I also have tried to grow them from seeds purchased.  Growing trees from seeds is not my strong suit.  I have finally broken down and have shopped around and found that if I do not want to take out a second mortgage I will need to compare prices and get trees in a bare root fashion.

I paid $35 per tree and because we purchased 3 trees it was free shipping.  They came a full week early so that was a true delight, considering the age of next day delivery 3 weeks felt like forever.  The box was 5 feet tall and so skinny for 3 trees, but they all fit very snugly. And as advertised they were all between 3 and 4 feet tall.  There were a few broken branches on each one but there are good branches on each tree as well.

Since it is the first week of March and we live in zone 6b we can not put them out until the first week of May in order to avoid a late frost, we had to pot them inside for a little bit.

We are planning on getting only three trees a year.  We spent a bunch of money on very big pots so after these trees get planted in the ground outside we will have these three pots available for next years three trees.  Get them in the winter and sprout them inside for a few months then transplant them out doors after the frost.

I have known several friends and family members that have purchased trees bare root and they don’t make it when they plant them directly outdoors.  So I am going to give them a fighting chance by sprouting them inside first.  The last thing I want to do is buy trees and kill them.

You don’t need a reason to want a fruit tree or any tree for that matter, you just have to want them and want them to survive.  We have several different reasons for wanting fruit trees.  They include the following-  We recently took down close to 8 trees that were 50% or more dead and were needing to come down so as to not damage our home in a storm.  With so many trees taken down I worry about erosion.  There are a few dead trees still standing in our wooded area that if they fall in a storm they will not hurt any man made structure. We live near the bottom of a slight hill which leads to a creek and we get a great deal of run off of rain water from the neighborhood.  Thus we want to plant root systems of tree and bushes in order to stabilize the area.  They will be able to produce more oxygen then just the grassy area where we will be planting them.  We love the idea of being able to help reverse climate change.  We also love the concept of living more independently with the ability of growing our own food.  I am excited to see the results of hard work and much planning as well as how this might be able to assist the families that live closest to me by sharing what we grow.


This is one of two of our blueberry bushes that we purchased as a little twig a few weeks back.  They are both doing very well indoors while it is still very cold outside.


These are the three new trees potted inside until the weather has warmed up a bit more.  We already have 4 fruit trees that were planted before we moved in.  We are hoping that these three new trees will do just as well as the other two pear trees and two apple trees.

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