April Gardening

Today is the first day of April and it is supposed to be chilly and rainy, this means I will not be putting the plants outside to sun.  We were able to get the stump that we burnt down low enough to add four inches of dirt and seed the area.  We are very excited to start to see grass grow in this area.

I have started the new garden area.  It is a lot of work.  It is about 4 feet wide and 40 feet long.  Day one, Saturday and in the rain, I dug the outline of the 40 feet to make sure that the huz didn’t think it went to far into the front yard.  He is okay with the 40 foot length. He doesn’t want any garden space in the front yard.  The garden space that I am prepping will have the three fruit trees as well as the spaghetti squash.  We are going to add the tomato cages as trellises for the squash plants.  I noticed yesterday morning I had two tiny little sugar snap peas sprouting in the one garden box.  I started bell pepper seeds all over again hoping that these will sprout.


Day two, Sunday, not rainy but not sunny, of the new garden bed I started to take out the grass in the new garden bed in order to avoid a great deal of weeding after using the rotor tiller over the area.  I also have found some really big rocks in the area and have been taking them out as well.


I have been taking the shovelfuls of nice grass to other areas of the yard and have been patching areas that do not have grass.


Now that the huz knows about the patching technique I am using he is even far less upset about the new garden bed area. Day two I was able to shovel out by myself a 6 foot by 4 foot area.


I moved one shovelful at a time to somewhere else on the property.  Yes in three hours I had walked 6.7 miles.  When I finally went inside with the dog who followed me around almost the whole time she fell asleep right away, apparently it was exhausting work for her to watch.

Day three, Monday-I worked all day and when I got home we got right to work.  The huz decided he was going to help patch the yard.  I only got about 10 square feet of grass off the garden bed but we used the wheel barrel a bit to haul a bunch of the grass/dirt clods around the yard.  Its a bit more back breaking.


Day six-we took day four and five off-not feeling awesome and it wasn’t warm enough.  I am hoping that after work today I will have a bit more energy to get maybe 10 more square feet dug out.  My goal would to be to work on the garden space an hour a day but its still a bit chilly every day and after a stressful day of “essential” work with everyone at work being foolish about the spread of germs and I am the only person wearing a facemask to work its difficult to get out of a cranky mood.  Yesterday I had 2 guys at work ask me to make them a few masks so I did that last night instead of gardening. But I am still taking out the compost every morning and then checking on the veggie beds.  If you look closely you can see five little sugar snap pea sprouts.


RickabaughReviews approves of pretty flower pictures at the end of posts to brighten us all up. A picture of some of the Bleeding Hearts that were transplanted out of the woods.


Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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