April 2020 Week two gardening

To catch up on our adventures in Gardening for week two of April 2020.  We did more sewing of masks for friends and family than we did gardening but it was a mostly successful weekend.  I am still going in to work everyday and the huz still works from home like he has for years.  So nothing has changed at our house.  We did rotor-till the entire area of the new garden space on the side yard where there is a great deal of sunlight most of the day.  The rotor-tiller worked very well in the dirt that I had already taken the top layer of grass off, of which was about 15 feet of the 40 foot long garden space.


I put up 6 tomato cages.  No we are not growing tomatoes at our house this year- not that I know of yet.  I sprouted all the seeds that I had saved from last years free plants from the neighbor but we plan to give then away to several friends.  I also have left over seeds from packets that we purchased this year.  I gave a dozen cucumber seeds away, planted 2 dozen and I still have about 15 seeds left in the packet.  I think that I will be able to give them to a few more gardening friends this year- I have three in mind already. I also planted in the new garden space the some of the spaghetti squash seeds that I had purchased.  If they do not take I have a bunch started inside that I can plant around the cages to have the vines grow up a bit instead of all over the ground. I also planted marigold seeds saved from last year the whole way around the newly tilled space.


This picture is one that I will save in my photos so that I will know what I planted, where I planted and when I planted.  In my camera roll all the photos have a time stamp on when they were taken.


I checked the plants outside this morning.  It really is gardening season!  There are 17 sugar snap peas poking through the dirt.  Eight onions, several white and yellow, I do not see any red yet but there is plenty of time.  One of the garlic is growing very nicely.  I have not seen any beets yet.  I think I remember that they take a bit more time in our soil.  The romaine lettuce and the salad bowl lettuce are sprouting.  How I can tell that these tiny little green leaves are what I planted is because I hill up the rows just a bit and the tiny green leaves grow in row fashion in the middle of the long hill.  I was very surprised to see the salad bowl lettuce that I had purchased last year, I had saved seeds and they were up before the romaine.  So my seed saving for salad bowl lettuce works! Also all of the sugar snap peas this year are from seeds I saved last year. As well as all of the marigolds.

All three fruit trees are doing so very well in their pots until it is time to plant them outside.  I was very skeptical if the peach tree was going to sprout any leaves but it sure did and they all look very beautiful.  Yesterday I let all the plants and trees out all day because it was nice with no rain.  When I got home from work I noticed all of the leaves on the apple tree were sagging dreadfully.  I of course went into fix-it mode.  The huz ran and got water and I took them all in and popped on the grow light.

We were then gone for about three hours- delivering hand made face masks to a bunch of friends and family.

When I checked on them before we went to bed the apple tree had perked up, she was just thirsty.  I wish all plants were able to talk to us like that.  Nope, my one blueberry plant was doing amazing then the next day all the leaves gone and dead.  Very sad.

The forsythia is beautiful this year as is the blue bells.  They really do brighten our dank spirits.  The Hosta and Lillies are all growing and a friend up the street has a new area cleaned out on a hill and was wondering if I had any plants that needed a bit thinning out.  Now is the perfect time to split them up a bit.  The lillies are easy to dig out, the hosta on the other hand took my breath away working so hard to dig out a bit of a few of them.  She jokingly asked if she had to do more digging to plant them.  I told her I removed three plants the first year from a space and threw them in the woods up-side-down on the ground. I pointed to the woods and said I can show you where I now have three hostas in the woods.

The huz uses the hose by the fish pond to water the new garden area and I am using the makeshift rain barrel to water the raised garden boxes.  My rain barrel is just a large old trash can that has a lid and no holes in the bottom.  when it rains we flip the lid open and when we remember, we close it.  Most of the time we forget to open it for the rain. The dark can and dark lid help debris from getting inside and from anything growing inside. If light gets inside too much you will have plants and insects living in your trashcan pond in no time.

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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