This weekend we trimmed trees and cut down two.  I also removed over 1000 dandelions from the yard.  So we noticed this year a great deal of dandelions in the yard.  I only remember two from last year.  This year they have overwhelmed the front yard.  While they do add a beautiful pop to the bright green grass the huz does not like them and was pretty upset at just how many dandelions have covered the front yard.  So I got out the nail puller, now one of my favorite “gardening” tools and went to town popping out the dandelions.


It is hard on the back and I have only gotten a very few out in comparison to how many are in the yard but, its a start.  I spent a little over three hours total on popping out dandelions throughout the yard about 45 minutes at a time.  I fill up a bucket and take them over to the burn pile to be burnt up.


This upcoming weekend we will be burning down two stumps.  We finally got the two mostly dead pine trees down.


It sure is letting in a bunch of light and has opened up the side yard a great deal. Which will be great for the garden boxes that have gotten a lot of shade up until now.


The hard part is they gave a good bit of privacy to the back yard.  Driving by you can now see into the back yard, yes over the six foot privacy fence because the property is down hill.  We intend to purchase some clumping bamboo in order to restore a bit of privacy.  We will plant it directly inside the fence line in order to maintain  the extra space in the yard we created by taking down the mostly dead pine trees.

Fire pit plans! So step one was get the trees down.  They are down.  And we found out a few weeks ago that burning down a stump is very easy to do and works really well.  We worked together and had the two trees down, one at a time, cut up and in piles in just a few hours.  The huz worked the chain saw and I was on nipping branch patrol.  We have three piles.  The chip pile which is all the dead branches from the two trees. We have a pile of the cut up trunks. Then the last pile which you can see in this photo are the few live branches, they will be burnt when we burn down the stumps as well as the trunk pieces we cut up.  We have started to dig out the first tree stump that we took down.


This photo is of the first tree we took down we had to dig out a metal post that was placed when the tree was planted, so it was a bit of a win win that we decided to burn down the stumps, we needed a small pit around the stump.


This is the last of the three pine trees in all that were unfortunately mostly dead and we were not able to save.  Also because they were so close to the house being dead was a risk of them falling into the house with high winds.  This week after work we will work on digging down around both stumps pretty deep and also getting the ax in there a bit to chop up the roots in order to really give the fire a place to latch on to, to burn down the stumps rapidly.

We have started bring rocks up from the woods in order to put down the stone patio/fire-pit.  This weekend we will end up putting on some back packs as well as putting on our dogs’ back pack on her and take her down to the creek, through the woods on a leash we can put small rocks into her zippered pockets.  She will be very useful.  I was worried at first thinking will it hurt her to have her carry up rocks?  Then I remembered we got the dog back pack when she was young because she pulled a lot while going for walks and we would put four full bottles of water in the pockets to try to slow her down. So it will be like the good old times weighing her down. She will be more excited to go for a walk in the woods then even notice us loading up and then unloading at the house.


So we have a small pile of rocks.  We need about 5 times more than the current amount in order to make the stone fire pit and patio area.  We were originally going to try to find matching brick in order to expand the patio with a nice flow and then with the virus lock down we looked at a few stone fire pit and patio combos on Pintrest and we feel confident we can do it.  Our neighbors a few houses up are also taking the extra home time to put in some flooring and put in an outdoor fire pit.  They are using stones as well and have dug a huge beautiful space out of a hill side. Their hill provides a great deal of privacy into their back yard.

Next week we will see how far we got during the week in our 2020 summer yard plans.

RickabaughReviews is enjoying hard work.  Also my four leaf clovers are doing well.  Wishing everyone luck and good health.



Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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