Unconventional Baby Shower gifts

My cousin is having a baby!!!  It is their first!!!  So very excited.  With having a baby shower during the covid 19 restrictions there are definite reservations of why I am liking the baby registries even more.  Because I have not been able to switch my working to online as many others have been able to and working in the trucking industry I do not want to be any kind of a carrier to anyone who would attend, even more so to the momma to be, so we are, sending a box of helpers (baby gifts) right to the house.

I was able to see all of the wonderful items that they wanted and there are plenty of family and friends who want to spoil the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  I searched both registries over very well.  I personally like to get practical gifts, knowing that they will be useful and money well spent.

We went out and looked over an overwhelming amount of baby gear.  A few things that were not on their registries stuck out at me.  Baby sitting for 20+ years I found a few great items to have on hand all the time, were not on the list.

First and most important I have always found not just for myself but also for the tots who are ride alongs are SNACKS!!!

They are having a girl so we found some fabulous snack containers with pink and purple trim.  We have been using this brand for quite a few years and they have stood up very well to use every single day.


Along with each item I like to write a cute note of how the item has been helpful to me and the tots I have watched.  Everyone should always have a snack in their purse.

Next on the list is something I wish I would have seen 10 years ago.  There are so many cars and minivans that could use this product especially with leather seats that dent and tear so easily.  Children are not the most gentle or graceful of humans.  I know my cousin loves automobiles and cares a great deal for his vehicles.  I though getting a box of surprises focused on his mastering the parent part of life would be wonderful.


The trick to surviving kids is – always being prepared.  This is why you should always have a stash of wipes in that netting that is attached to the back of the front seat.  What is even better is the travel capability and always being able to refill the container with whichever brand works best with your child’s skin if it be the cheap brand, the expensive brand, or even the home made kind. I picked out the manliest of the patterns.


Along side those wipes should be a toy – a quiet toy – Hard books are less likely to have pages tear out from accidental rough play. You never know when your going to have to pull a book out for entertainment at an unexpected moment. Lots of bold colors with beautiful pictures that capture their attention is really great for at weddings, funerals, or religious services.  It is not always about reading all the words perfectly, sometimes its about the message.  This was one of my favorite books when I was watching wee little tikes full time.  It may have a big blue truck on the front and look like it would be a book for a boy.  Now a days girls drive trucks just as much as boys.  Also this book is much more about how to treat others all the time and how to be friendly to even those who are not always nice to you.  I insisted on getting the book with out the husband ever reading it. He really trusts my judgement. When we got home I was so excited to read it to him and when I did, he also fell in love with it.


It really wasn’t too hard of a sell.  We both love books.  The new momma is a teacher so we know she loves books too.  A nice little note on the inside of the cover lasts a very long time and helps to remind all who read it that this new baby is loved so much more by so many more than just Mom and Dad.


You can never have too many socks, they are so tiny and they disappear like magic.  Also how do those babies even get them off constantly while sleeping half the time?  Putting the car seat into the car after hitting three stores because its your day to run errands you know you put two on before you left the house, but there is only one now.  Are you going back to all the locations to find your one sock? NO! After all the sleep deprivation you will quickly learn matching socks do not matter.  And 99% of adults will completely understand.  They have been there.  How do you think mismatched socks got popular for kids in the first place? They sell them in odd numbers with not even one sock matching another sock at the stores.

Always have a spare pair of socks shoved right next to those wipes in every car your tot rides in.


What better way to keep track of the socks when they go into the washer or dryer? I never know if any one has one of these types of bags. Probably because mesh laundry bags don’t come up in everyday conversation a whole lot. Worse case scenario now they have two, one for adults and one for baby. Which might be good because I know a lot of people who have children who have sensitive skin and so they have two kinds of laundry detergent.

Along the line of cleaning, we found this really great cleaning tool kit for bottles and sippy cups. We do all of our dishes every day and we do not even have kids and I know how food and liquids get gross and stuck everywhere. Hopefully this will make it easier.


The last two little items in the baby box go together as well. Safety first is my every day motto. So when I was looking at all of the safety devices offered to keep kids safe as they are new and exploring I tried to remember what the inside of their home looked like. I noticed that offered were many different kinds of corner bumpers, but I liked the clear the best, least noticeable.


Of course there are going to be boo boos along they way of growing up. learning to walk has got to be crazy hard that’s why we do it when we are so little less of a distance to fall and we are spongy and bounce back easy and its really nice we don’t remember falling 35 times in 3 hours every day for months.


Finally!! Well that took forever to finish. Word press changed the editing formatting in the middle of my post. Also it says somewhere that I can choose classic style editing. That’s a fat lie as well.

RickabaughReviews HATES the block style editing. No help ever can be found. you can’t just insert a photo. But they will just take your money and not help with things when you ask.

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