Weekend Warrior!

Last weekend in August! Got to make the most of it!

Last Weekend in August-Work hard, play hard, sleep hard too.  Had so many gardening tasks planned for this weekend but only got a few done- due to my finger cutting episode. That is okay, we worked on a million other things this weekend. Plus we spent a little sweetheart time date night out to a movie.

Yesterday bright and early I started cleaning. Bathrooms, floors, laundry and ceiling fans. Then we did some gardening where my finger got cut, but it is healing great.  I soak it in warm soapy water every morning and then wear a bandage with triple antibiotic ointment, changing the bandage 4 times a day and letting the skin dry out a bit in between.  I wait until my skin is not so wrinkly from being wrapped up with moisture before I wrap it up again. When we go out I put a small finger splint we have on hand over my finger for extra protection. it is still just slightly sensitive.

While soaking my fingers in soapy water I set up a stepping stone to start painting. Looking good.


I got around to water proofing my concrete leafs as well as a rock I painted months ago. The tops of these are done. I will get the bottom s of them tomorrow.


I have the border on the baby boy blanket completed and am working on tying in the ends, so almost complete blanket! In plenty of time before my friends baby boy is here.


I have successfully designed, printed, addressed and yes put in the mail box. Invitations to a great Aunt”s 90th birthday party.

The husband and I both sanded for an hour each on my China cabinet makeover.  The husband used the Dremel on the top edges where its a bit fancy and too tricky and small for the Black and Decker Mouse hand sander that I prefer to use.  It doesn’t look much different then my last update on my china cabinet makeover but it is coming along.  I did some sanding on the bottom of the shelves and I used the 220 grit on the one outside and my goodness that is so smooth.



We went material shopping for my Halloween costume updates are in my previous post Hela of a costume. Made my cutie pie niece a card for her birthday. 8 is great! Also in the mail.

We also finally started working on our new bar.  We left the old bar behind when we sold the old house, it really was beautiful and it went great with the dining room.  It was our first bar building experience as a couple and we have a few things we are very excited about doing differently.  We got some stain, and some frame! 2x3x8 boards to start building the frame.

Busy! To bed at midnight and Up at 5am. Do it all over again tomorrow.

Hela of a Costume Part 2!

We worked on getting great under threads.  Leggings were first. I really like no nonsense brand and they fit great.  These were what I got.

No Nonsense Women’s Cotton Legging, Black, Large

Next was a black turtle neck. It needed to be nice and form fitting.  We went to several different stores trying on a ton of tops. What I found best was at Costco. It was a two pack white and black turtle neck set for under $20


In my earlier post I had found a great black over lay material to give me the textured look with out the heavy and super hot look of rubber or plastic/leather and the comfort of cotton. The lighting isnt perfect but I think it looks great layered.


This weekend in our non stop weekend warrior lives we got the green material. We purchased 4 yards because we are going to use it for the cape as well as the green accents on the main body of the costume.  We probably only needed to get three yards but I mess up sometimes.  The material was 30% off original price and then I found an online coupon for an additional 20% off my total purchase. Which saved me just over $29 on  the green material. I highly suggest always using coupons.  It makes my life more affordable.


One of the key elements that I look for in a material is how much it is going to fray when it is cut.  This green that we purchased is spandex and will not fray much at all when cut so I do not have to worry about stitching the edges I can just cut out the shape and hot glue it on.

Beautiful weekend Gardening Intentions

Well kids I had a huge list of gardening items I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Looks like I am only getting one done.


This line of lilies was first on my to do list! Winter trim prepping. Done! And got a bunch of weeds around out too.


It is even longer of a line of beautiful tall orange day lilies than what is in this photo.  It took me an hour and a half to cut them down and weed a bit. I then moved onto some of the exact same lilies that are around a tree trunk close by and I cut my finger with the nippers. They are sharp! They cut right through my fingernail. It was a bit ouchy! I was able to stop the nippers before taking off the finger tip. Hooray. My husband has no formal medical training of any kind but listens really well to my directions. It was a tad comical looking back on the situation. I was stating that i wanted to vomit a lot. And also that I might blackout, I am too hot a lot. He says he was a bit panicked at first, I did notice that my boots were in the middle of the floor as well as most everything was ripped out of my backpack and strewn about the floor.

Thus ended the gardening for the day.

Hela of a good costume!-Part 1

My husband and I greatly love Halloween. We work very hard at trying to make most of our costumes from scratch every year. We are both very creative and a bit on the crafty side. They usually work out well!

Hela from Thor Ragnarok. When the movie came out in November of 2017 I started right then and there growing out my hair to be Hela for Halloween 2018.

My hair is naturally curly-easily fixed with a flat iron. But its not black. So we just dyed it last week. I will have to touch up before the big day in October because my roots will have grown, but I wanted to make sure I was okay with the change and because I have a few allergies, wanted to make sure I was not allergic to the hair dye.

I used nice and easy brown/black.



Movie hair on top-my hair on bottom.  Pretty close.

Next step was checking out her threads close up.


We watched the movie again recently on Netflix and I was confident I could do it.

It is not going to be 100% movie accurate but it will be in our price range and much more comfortable in the chilly Pennsylvania night then leather would be.

We noticed on the close-up that there is a unique texture and we hit the local fabric store to find something similar.  When we found the fabric that we purchased for the main body, we were so excited that it was the exact texture that we needed.  When we pulled the bolt out and layed out the fabric in our hands we had a moment of panic. It was a bit sheer! But together we realized quickly that we could layer it over tight black clothing and then we wouldn’t need to develop a whole pattern. 30% off and we were sold!


My next challenge was finding inexpensive black leggings, they will only ever be used for this costume. So we didn’t want to spend much.

We found some that fit great!

Next was a black turtle neck!

  • We are off to a good quick start! The quicker I have my costume complete, the sooner I can start assisting my huz with his yet to be determined costume.


Blanket update!

17DBD90D-7708-4540-ACB0-B3F99731F0C5I have been working hard on this adorable gift! Every morning while sipping my coffee I sit and crochet a row onto this blanet. It is a scrap blanket. I have taken the left over yarn from other blankets or projects and have been combining them to make one big beautiful baby blanket for a friend.  No pattern, because sometimes life is best with some leftovers and unplanned.  Yesterday evening I had about 4/5 of the blanet done.  Today we had some driving to do and I have 5 more rows done! The husband drives and I crochet and we listen to good music and crack funny jokes.  I have a little bit of time on my hands this weekend and am hoping to have it completed. It should be complete with about 15 more rows.  I have a bunch of different size crochet hooks. I personally prefer a metal hook to that of plastic, it has a bit more weight to it and it stays cooler in my hands as I use them. Plastic can heat up quick and then my hands can sweat and swell.  I also have trouble when my old tired hands start to wear out my grasp gets less tight. When I have a metal needle because of just a bit more weight it doesn’t slip or flip out of my grasp as quickly.

i am hoping to have the last few rows complete and then tie in the ends and put on a boarder all this weekend. Better pictures will be coming! Stay posted!

Pallet Project- New Ceiling

Two years ago my husband and I upgraded our basement bathroom in our old home. It was a half bath. It had a sink, a toilet, and some drywall walls, as well as a door. We completed the drywall and painted. We put in a tile floor.  But my favorite was the pallet wall behind the toilet.

My friends have wanted to upgrade their ceiling for a few years. But ceilings are difficult and expensive. They saw my pallet bathroom wall and I showed them some different styles that I looked up.

We have been getting together and working on it periodically for about a year. We collect pallets and have pallet parties where we work together, kids included to pull apart 30 to 50 pallets in just a few hours.


The pallet boards have soooooo many steps! It is not a simple project or a quick project either.


The boards get planed, cut to length and width, puttied, and sanded with two to three different sand paper grits. We start with 80 and finish with 220.


Then they are stained and polyurethaned for a nice shine.

The boards are then put up on the ceiling. Which have created a beautiful warm country feel to their home.


We have had so much fun with this project and It really was a great deal of work but such a wonderful life experience.

Little bits of projects

I have all over my house small to large projects started. If it isn’t gardening or crocheting or painting or sewing, it is collecting something for another project.  Usually the projects are to benefit someone else.


This small bag of scrap yarn for instance is slowly turning into a baby blanket for a friend. I crochet a row every morning while drinking my coffee at 5 am.

CC2D5707-6212-4DB0-8286-F571F8437D91.jpegOr this interesting mess of sticks?  Nope not a mess of sticks. I have several friends and family who like flowers. And our new house has a LOT of them.  I am really big into saving seeds. Next years crop is free! I am also into free!! Lily’s are a very expensive flower. And usually you purchase them by the bulb. Which will give you flowers in a year.  But lily’s can be started by their seeds. Thus above you see a bunch of seed pods I have cut and labeled.  I give the pod three days to breakdown so it it easy to pull apart and get the seeds out.


Seeds drying!  Then into an envelope and to my seed bin or in the mail to friends and family.