Spoiler Alert!! Rickabaugh review on Mission Impossible-Fallout

Do you like movies? Do you like action? Do you like pretty people? Do you like the good guys to win? This movie has all of this and more! Tom C. still looks good. Alec B. handsome as ever. Rebecca F. , Michelle M., Vanessa K., and Angela B. Beautiful and graceful as always ladies with great hair!!! Ving R. And Simon P. Some of my favorite adorable supporting comic relief, when I see you boys it makes me smile at the team devotion. Henry C. You played an ok good guy and you tricked me, making me think you were a good guy, the cell phone was your tell. I was sad they made such a pretty man to be the villain. I was only slightly sad when you took the hook to the face. But you played a great bad guy.

Loved the action! As usual! It was not too graphic to give night mares, its a fun suspenseful movie that made me hold my breath at moments.

The motorcycling chase scenes were very cool at the lower level and high speeds. I felt like I was riding the motorcycle.

Sometimes I find the sounds of vehicles just a bit too loud in the theater, despite the loudness at some points, RickabaughReviews Approves!